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Go>Labbing is the result of the collective efforts of Kisch IP, a 140-year-old intellectual property law firm, Bluestream Marketing and Research, a well-established consultancy firm, and the Professionality Institute, a social movement with the purpose of promoting professionalism.

We combine internal with external talent in creative ways, governed by a strong protocol for IP protection and professionalism. Go>Labbing take no ownership in the ideas of our clients/tenants; you are the owner of your ideas.
We work together in customised online work spaces that bring innovators (entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, extrapreneurs and business analysts/designers) in contact with knowledge workers, subject matter experts (SMEs), experienced mentors, peers across industries, support on-demand from industry role-players and online learning opportunities. 

This new model of collaboration suits those who can benefit from the advice and support that external resources offer while being located in their home offices, offices, warehouses, etc.


We help our clients move forward on their journey to make their ideas valuable. For example:

  • Corporates can gain much value from our Idea Farming process, starting at (1) discovering ideas, followed by (2) nurturing of ideas to maturity and lastly (3) harvesting the full potential of the initial idea. (See Best Practices Listing)
  • Schools or local communities wanting to promote entrepreneurship on an ongoing basis could establish Innovation Clubs. Go>Labbing supports these clubs to develop their ideas into viable ventures or intellectual assets, collectively, both online and offline. This is an easy way to develop thinking and behaviour skills that have tremendous economic potential.

Clients have the freedom to choose their methodology for use on the platform and are not restricted to follow the journeys we identified to be the most popular. We provide the tools and access to scarce and much-needed resources that will help you make your valuable ideas.

Participants have the freedom to activate as many online collaborative workspaces / virtual labs as they may require and chose their methodology which we enable through the functionality in the Labs.  This plug-and-play ability serves the desire to anticipate, recognise and meet our clients' needs, sometimes even before those needs are expressed.

The methodology provides for the following: • Multiple-use and re-use • Context-specific content according to the needs of clients • Re-composable programmes • Independent deployment and versioning.

All participants on this platform are required to subscribe to Protocol as the basis of participation. 
Some Labs may also require the acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement.


We invite individuals and organisations who subscribe to professional values and the Go>Labbing protocol, to enlist as follows:

  • Knowledge workers (KWs)/Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to list in the KWs/SMEs Directory, from which Lab owners/tenants can select the required skills and services as and when needed. (Go>Labbing takes no commission on these transactions.)
  • Suppliers of ICT and other products to list in the Supplier Directory. Lab owners/tenants are invited to submit Request for Information/Proposals to those listed as well as receiving unsolicited proposals from Suppliers (and KWs/SMEs) to better the quality of their projects. (Go>Labbing takes no commission on these transactions.)
  • Suppliers list their products in the Showcase along with the discount they provide to Lab owners/tenants. (Go>Labbing offers these listings as a free service to both Suppliers and Lab owners/tenants.)
We also invite Lab owners/tenants to rate KWs/SMEs and Suppliers on their services and products.




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